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For the Logic yet Creative Mind Game- esigner


Video games have been mesmerizing us since the late 60’s. Available at first only at the arcades, now they also make themselves present at our homes, in console devices and computer software, and even at our pockets, within our cell phones. The secrets behind the enclosed worlds of amusement which ...

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For the Renaissence People Multimedia Artist


In a time where most all Humanity’s knowledge is just the click of a button away, people whose skills comprise many aspects of often unrelated fields are becoming less of a rarity. It isn’t for nothing that these people are called Renaissance Man, after the masters of the arts from ...

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To the ones bitten by the Creativity-bug


The old age adage about the “starving artist” isn’t exactly true anymore. While employment may be getting harder and harder to come by, with talent, persistence and the proper research it is more than possible to live a happy life, doing precisely what you want and love.   Know what ...

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